RCUAS Scholarship 2019


RCUAS once again recognizes the best graduates with a letter of honor and scholarship. Scholars in 2019 are:
1. Merili Varter, Estonian Military Academy: “Comparative Analysis of Expectations and Perceptions of Leadership Styles and Their Impact on the Motivation of Conscripts of the Artillery Battalion”, tutor Col-ltn Antek Kasemaa
2. Enel Rand, Estonian Aviation Academy: “Cross-case Analysis of Aviation Clusters and Suggestions for Estonian Aviation Sector Development”, tutor Kristo Reinsalu, MSc, consultant Allan Nõmmik, MSc
3.1. Dea Hein, Estonian Entrepreneurship UAS: “The assessment of psychosocial work environment at Stockmann AS”, tutor Eva-Maria Kangro.
3.2. Aire Valgu, Estonian Entrepreneurship UAS: “Development of the Positive Organizational Psychology Questionnaire and Assessment of its Construct Validity”, tutor Piret Einpaul
4. Enda Karimõisa, Lääne-Viru College: “Volunteer-based care for the homeless in transition period of Estonia”, tutor Helen Kool.
5. Dorel Sabre, Pallas UAS: “On Binding Types and Decorative Technicues of Parchment Bindings. Conservation of the Parchment Binding from the Library of the Tallinn Cathedral School”, tutor Tulvi-Hanneli Turo.
6. Kerli Onno, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences: “Baltic States in Western Digital News Media in the Context of Zapad-2017 Excercise: Implicatons for Strategic Communication”, tutors Matthew Crandall, Diana Marnot.
7. Anni Pilvar, Tartu Health Care College: “Self-assessment of achieving ICM core competencies among midwifery pre-graduates in Tartu Health Care College in years 2012-2016”, tutor Siiri Põllumaa.
8. Anneli Käosaar, Tallinn Health Care College: “Creating a Multisensory Environment for Dementia Patients on the Example of Benita Kodu AS”, tutor Hanna-Maria Põldma, MA.
9. Konrad Ilustrumm, TTK UAS: “Designing 3D-printed Heat Exchanger for Formula Student Car FEST19”, tutor Peter Šverns.