Tartu Health Care College

ffe2d3007915f694dc2299b0421db166_f1162Tartu Health Care College is a state institution of professional higher education administered by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.
Mission of Tartu Health Care College is to provide competitive, high quality, innovative, international, R&D-based lifelong learning in an inspiring environment.
During its 200 years of history, the College has had different names and provided instruction in several areas of specialisation and levels of study. In 2005 the school received the name of Tartu Health Care College. Since 2005 the college has legally been functioning as a professional higher education institution; that change was possible due to the excellent results of international accreditation in 2004.
Being a role model, College impacts the community health behaviour, shapes a healthy living environment and participates in the process of making decisions regarding healthcare policies.
Tartu Health Care College gives higher education in 6 programmes in Estonian language. The college is also going to open a English language master`s programme in radiography.