RCUAS’ Scholarships 2016


In June, RCUAS will issue scholarships to students of universities of applied sciences to recognize their excellence results in 2016. The value of the scholarship is á 400 euros.
The authors of the best graduation theses are:
1. Aire Vaigu, Estonian Entrepreneurship UAS: “The assessment of psychosocial work environment at Tele2 Estonia LC”, tutor Piret Einpaul
2. Peter Šverns, TTK UAS: “The Development of a Power Screwdriver Screwbit Magazine Prototype”, tutor Tavo Kangru
3. Jevgeni Družkov, Estonian National Defence College: “Analysis of the Baltic Air Policing Mission from the perspective of airbases’ geographical locations”, tutors Lieutenant-col Kristo Lipasaar and Mjr Hardi Lämmergas
4. Jaanus Kääp, Estonian Information Technology College: “Implementing Code Coverage Comparison Tool for Windows x86 Architecture Based Closed Source Applications”, tutor Elar Lang
5. Renat Kadirov, Tallinn Health Care College: “Case study based on a 7-year old child: fabrication and usability testing of two 3D-printed body-powered upper limb prosthetics”, tutors Ingrid Märitz and Karin Lilienberg
6. Kevin Soon, Estonian Aviation Academy: “The economic effectiveness of cargo capacity allocation based on Finnair OY”, tutor Kristi Helekivi
7. Johan Huimerind, Tartu Art College: “Karlova Obscura”, tutor Kalev Vapper
8. Häli Maurus, Lääne-Viru College: “Creating web-based learning material for the Basics of Programming subject for Lääne-Viru College”, tutor Heli Freienthal
9. Andrus Tamberg, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences: “The Image of Estonia in Russian’s Online Media in 2015 in Context of Security”, tutors Annika Tuulemäe and Ivo Juurvee
10. Ele Mägi & Jelena Kürsa-Sidhartan, Tartu Health Care College: “Tartu Health Care College undergraduate nurse students evaluation for clinical practice mentoring process”, tutor Reet Urban